We are passionate about helping those who give back to their communities and shoulder the risks of starting something new. As small business owners, volunteers, and board members ourselves, the Boardable founders know that there is a lack of cost-effective solutions to help manage communications, documents, and meetings. Boardable solves this problem and helps create value for organizations of all sizes by matching technology to the numerous ways that boards, committees, and leadership teams operate. We have modernized the routine business processes common among boards, and placed them at the fingertips of our users.

We've made purchasing Boardable simple, just like using the software itself. Pick your package based on your number of users (don't worry, you can add more later) and the amount of support you need. We'll even provide support for helping to setup Boardable so that it works just right for you and your team.

Not seeing a package that's right for you?

We'll work with you to build a custom package that fits your needs! Contact us and we'll work to build a custom package that's right for you.