We feel strongly that Boardable should be affordable, especially for those smaller community non-profits that do so much in our local communities. So our pricing starts at only $99 a month, and that is for the full product, in-product chat support and 10 gigs of file storage.

We've made purchasing Boardable simple, just like using the software itself. Once you sign up we will jump in to provide any support you need setting up Boardable. We are committed to making your Boardable experience a great one for you and your organization. And there's more...

Every Boardable account starts with a 30 day free trial. We want to make sure you are happy with the product before you spend a dime. Have a question or want to learn more before starting a trial? No problem contact us and we will be happy help! 


Up to 20 Users
Unlimited Committees
10 gigs storage


(1 month Free)

Whether you are a small startup with an active board of advisors, or a local or community nonprofit with a working board of directors, the "group" plan might be right for you. With this basic level of Boardable access, you get all of the core functionality of the software for up to 20 users, 10 gigs of file storage and in-product chat support.

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Up to 40 users
Unlimited Committees
15 gigs storage


(1 month Free)

Created for medium-sized businesses and nonprofits, the "team" level of Boardable is a perfect fit for most company and not-for-profit boards of directors and leadership teams. With access for up to 40 users, 15 gigs of file storage and in-product chat support.

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up to 80 users
Unlimited Committees
20 gigs storage


(1 month Free)

Many medium-sized nonprofits and companies rely on the support of employees and volunteers to help keep their business operations run smoothly. The "organization" plan for Boardable allows larger and more varied groups with numerous committees to collaborate, communicate, and cooperate in the boardroom and on the go. This plan gives access for up to 80 users, 20 gigs of file storage and in-product chat support.

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Not every organization fits into a neat category. That's okay, we're flexible! Contact us and tell us about your needs. We'll put our heads together and come up with a plan that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

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The Boardable platform is great for several things:

1. It eliminates the need to send emails and attachments to Board members in the hopes that they will get them all and read them all before the meeting.

2. It cuts down on problems a lot of Board members face at larger corporations with blocked file sharing tools like Box, Dropbox or Google Drive. This isn’t an issue because it’s out on a server.

3. It cuts down on so much wasted paper from Board packets. Rather than print things out and then toss them after each meeting, Board members can now be responsible for reading and accessing their own Board information.

4. It keeps a record of Board attendance, Board votes and Board meeting documents, all sorted nicely.

5. You can do online voting between meetings - known as polls.
— Crystal Grave, Founder & CEO, Snappening