About Our Company

Boardable was founded by nonprofit founders to serve community nonprofits. Our mission is to dramatically improve the experience of serving on a board of directors. We seek to tame the chaos! What we have built is both a software platform and a purpose-driven company that seeks to serve those who serve their communities.

All boards have the talent and tools to fulfill their missions.
— The Boardable Vision

Our Team

We've put together a veteran team with diverse backgrounds from the tech, service, education and non-profit worlds. 

Our Values

Our values are behaviors we look to embrace every day. They speak to how we work together, how we build our product, how we market and sell it and how we support it. They are a distillation of who we are and what we value.


We never stop ideating, brainstorming, spitballing, and iterating. New ideas and innovative solutions are what we live to create every day. You can count on us to bring ingenuity into our product with every new release. You can also count on us to listen to you and incorporate your ingenious ideas whenever possible.


A great idea is one thing, but a great idea is made better by the simple words 'yes, and.' We believe in each other, and we believe in the customers we serve. We bring a positive attitude to every conversation, and we strive for a positive outcome to every interaction.


Starting a company is hard work. Serving others is hard work. Building innovative technology is hard work. Luckily, we love hard work! We jump at the chance to tackle a new problem, or to solve a lingering issue. We will push forward through the roadblocks, over the speed bumps, and beyond the envelope with persistence and tenacity.


When you combine great ideas, a can-do attitude, unwavering dedication, a kickass team, and some of the best customers in the world, you are bound to have a bit of fun. We say 'bring on the fun!' We do our best to make sure that our culture is empowering and exciting, both for our team and for yours.