Our north star: Make It easy to use! 

From day one we knew Boardable had to be really easy to use, for everyone, young and old. This north star continues to guide the product as it grows.

Boardable is designed to help boards work more efficiently. It meets people where they are. If they use Google Drive for documents, no problem, we integrate it. If they want to reply to a discussion from their inbox, they can do that and it will flow right back into Boardable, effortlessly. 

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Select Boardable Features

unlimited Groups (Committees)

We know how boards and committees are organized. You work as a team. More specifically, you work as team of teams! We've built Boardable to revolve around your customized team structures, allowing for meetings, notifications, and discussions to be directed to the appropriate groups, without cluttering everyone else's lives. You can also assign a group owner who can add and remove members from the group. And there is no limit to how many groups you can have! 

The "Scheduler" automates meeting scheduling

Take the back and forth out of scheduling meetings over email. Boardable provides an easy-to-use meeting scheduling system we call the Scheduler, which allows organizers to propose dates and times for upcoming meetings. Users can then select their availability for each time, allowing organizers to choose the best possible time for each user. The Scheduler automates a multi-step headache. Learn more.

meeting centered with Calendar integration

Board and committee members are busy people. They give a lot of energy and time to make sure that your organization is thriving. Boardable allows you to lessen the clutter of your board and committee members' busy lives by giving them a single place to find everything they need for a meeting. Discussions, documents, and polls can all be associated with a meeting, and accessible on a single screen for easy viewing before, during or after the meeting. Also, Boardable integrates with user calendars so meetings auto-populate into their personal or business calendars. 

Document Center with secure folders

Your boards and committees shuffle a lot of documents. It can be difficult to keep track of all of these documents and make them accessible to your members and employees wherever they are. Boardable enables your members to store and share documents, as well as attach documents to meetings so that they are where you need them when you need them, for quick reference and long-term storage. Also, folder security enables restricted access to sensitive documents.

hold Votes before, during and after meetings

With Boardable you can create polls, enabling input from members before meeting, or holding votes remotely, as well as live voting during a meeting. You can also use polls to gather information from members who might not be able to attend a given meeting.

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Multi-tiered Access and Roles

Your organization has a lot of people helping out. Your board management software needs to account for everyone from staff members, leadership, board members, non-board committee members, and volunteers. Boardable allows you to set the access level for users, granting them privileges based on their role in your organization.

These are just some of Boardable's many features. If you think Boardable might be a good fit for your organization we suggest you set up a live demo of the product so you can see first hand whether Boardable is a good fit for your organization.


Take comfort in knowing that your personal information is secure, and that Boardable will never share your data with any third parties. Boardable employs best practices for securing all user information, data, and documents. This includes the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certification and Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

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