What's New (and coming soon) at Boardable

At Boardable our goal is to Simplify Board Management and to make organizations more impactful with their time and talent. To that end, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our platform and the functionality we provide. You may have already noticed, but we recently
released a few updates and we want to be sure to highlight them. 

Here’s what’s new…

Meeting Attendance
You can now take attendance during meetings with a check mark on the far right side of each meeting. This will lay the groundwork for board level scorecard functionality in the future.

Mobile User Access
We have worked hard to improve the mobile device interface and to make accessing your meetings more user-friendly for everyone.

Additional User Emails
Users can now have alerts go to multiple different email accounts such as their work, home or your assistant. To add emails simply go to profile settings in your account and put a comma next to your email address in the notification email spot and add as many new email addresses as you like.

And what you’ll see coming soon…

We are very excited about some of our upcoming features that you will be seeing soon. They will provide even more efficiencies that will allow you to focus on your mission and not on board management frustrations.

Simplified User Collaboration
In continuing our philosophy of simplifying the board experience, you will soon be able to reply to a discussion thread from your inbox rather than clicking through to the Boardable platform. Both options will seamlessly update the platform.

User Tracking
We are working to allow for heightened user tracking for the Admins on accounts. No longer will you need to wonder if your board member has logged in.

Document Ordering
You will soon be able to reorder the documents within a meeting so that they are in the order of your agenda. This will be done simply by clicking and dragging documents to the correct order.

Schedule Meetings
Tired of trying to find open meeting times on your board’s calendars? Us too! We are extremely excited to be adding a Meeting Scheduler to our platform. This will simplify finding the time that most of your members would like to schedule a meeting.

We always love to hear feedback from our Boardable clients so please let us know if you have anything you’d like to share. Feel free to leave it in the comments below or send us an email at support@boardable.com.