Boardable 2.1 Product Updates

The team at Boardable has been creating and working hard to bring features to the product that can be the vehicle for board engagement. With Julie's recent blog post A Board Member's Time we received a bit of insight into how important and cost effective it can be to use board time effectively. The product team wants to help a board's focus shift from logistics and tactics to purpose and governance. Exciting new features help achieve better meeting turnout, peer interaction and superior document management and retention. 


The Scheduler

We all know how big of a headache it can be to find a date that works for a group of very busy individuals with varying schedules. The Scheduler is here to help alleviate some of that friction. Select as many dates as you want and see which works best for your board before setting the date for the upcoming meeting. 


Document Center

The document center had a bit of a cosmetic makeover in addition to new security features and the ability to create subfolders. Documentation management and retention has never been easier!

  • Limited Access
    • Limit access to folders that contain financial or sensitive materials 
  • Create Subfolders
  • Attach documents to polls, discussions, comments and meetings
  • Re-arrange document order in a meeting


People Directory

The people directory is equipped with larger photos, board role title and sorting options. What better way to encourage board interaction than with a full profile on each member. Quickly view the people directory before each meeting and get to know your peers!


If you haven't had a chance to check out the product for your board go ahead and sign up for a free 15 day trial today!  

We'd love to hear your feedback and learn additional ways that we can help craft a better board experience. Have a few thoughts?  Send them our way.

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