NonProfits & B2B SaaS


Thanks to a generous introduction from Una Osili, I recently met another east coast-to-Indy transplant couple who work in the nonprofit space. As we compared notes of CT, NY, DC, PA, MA, and CA, we discussed what a business strategist might call competitive advantage of the cities we’ve inhabited. Boston and New Haven: academic braintrusts. DC and NYC: decision-making epicenters. Philly: cultural & creative economies accelerated by ecosystems like CultureWorks/Trust and devotion to history. Oakland: bike-363-days-per-year-weather. (There is always one hot day and one cold day that fall outside the standard deviation.)

The surprise (for me) Venn diagram of Indy, which I propose is a competitive advantage, is the overlap of density in 1) nonprofits, 2) B2B SaaS startups, 3) volunteer culture, and 4) academic leadership in philanthropy. During the past few months, I have had the pleasure to work with a brilliant product manager who shares fascination of exploring this space where tech startups intersect nonprofit needs. We are hypothesizing that there are others locally who spend time thinking about this. Care to join us and talk shop?