Hi Indianapolis, it's me Krista. How can I help?


My husband and I moved to Indianapolis during the summer of 2015 for the beginning of a 5 year residency program. As an Iowa transplant to Indiana I have done my best to get to know my new city and all that it has to offer me. Due to the bizarre process that is the MATCH for medical residency most of our friends are also transplants. It has been fun finding our favorite spots and becoming a part of the Indianapolis community. But two years have already flown by and I’m now at a point where my thought process is changing from what the city can offer me to what I can offer it.

So here I am Indianapolis, ready to carry my weight. Volunteering on and off in the city has been fun but I am now on the hunt for an opportunity to serve on a nonprofit board. I absolutely loved IndyVolved and I look forward to attending Get on Board in November but until then... I would love to connect with non profit boards that are looking for someone with my skill-set.

Krista Martin

Product and Marketing Manager

Passionate about:

  • Non profits
  • Technology
  • Pre-K literacy programs
  • Women’s/Maternal health
  • Human trafficking
  • Dance


  • Communications
  • Digital Marketing
  • Public Speaking
  • Product Management
  • Project Management

So help me out, what was your path to the board you currently serve on and how can I replicate it? Feel free to email me at krista@boardable.com with your thoughts or fill out the short survey below!