Boardable 2.2 Product Updates

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Time moves quickly when you are having fun developing a product.

Welcome to Boardable 2.2! We have added a few great new features to improve the polling/voting, timezones, meetings experience and even added a people directory export!



The polling feature has been updated to allow multi selection and options to share the results once the poll is complete.


People Directory

Users can now set their timezone preferences in profile settings. We know how busy you all are and we want to make sure timezones don't get in the way of having a successful board meeting!

Need a hard copy of all of your board and their contact information? Admins can now export a CSV file of the people directory.



Meetings can now be created and tied to a group. This allows you to quickly add all group members to a meeting and keep a clean list of upcoming and archived meetings on your group's page.


Administrative Updates

Have you been dying to have another board you serve on try out Boardable? You can now quickly add a new organization from within Boardable. A free 30 day trial is a great way to let your fellow board members take Boardable for a spin.

OneDrive has been added as an option for attaching documents to polls, discussions and meetings.


Have ideas for features that would help make your board more successful?  Send them my way!

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