2018 pricing

In 2018 our pricing will be increasing, as shown below, but we will be grandfathering in all accounts initiated by 12/31/17. That includes 30 day free trials initiated by end of year as well. So to lock in 2017 pricing all you need to do is sign up for a free account today and convert to paid within 30 days. This is one way for us to say "thank you" to the early adopters. We have big plans for Boardable and we look forward to having your voice in the mix as we grow the product, team and overall experience! 

2017 vs 2018 Pricing

Up to 20 users: $660/yr in 2017, $1089/yr in 2018

Up to 40 users: $1100/yr in 2017, $1925/yr in 2018

Up to 80 users: $1650/yr in 2017, $3850/yr in 2018

Sign up now to lock in 2017 pricing.


If I lock in 2017 pricing when might it go up in the future?

We are committed to keeping the 2017 accounts at this pricing for at least 12 months. After that we plan to only increase it incrementally. The 2017 accounts will always get the benefit of being early adopters of Boardable. 

If I am already a boardable customer with one organization can I sign up another?

Absolutely! We actually built the product for that very purpose. If you serve on multiple boards you can set up as many new organizations as you need. Every one will start with a 30 day trial.

In your account select "Create new organization" and once you have more than one you will see a new dashboard when you log in to Boardable that gives you a high level overview of activity across your boards. 

create new org.png
new login.png

Sign up your organization today.

What if my organization grows and needs more users?

You will stay with the 2017 pricing even if you grow. So if you start with 20 users and then need the 40 user plan you will go from $660/yr to $1100/yr a year as you upgrade.