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Built by nonprofit founders to serve nonprofits, Boardable is committed to improving the way community nonprofit boards and committees work. We know the frustration of trying to organize a board via email, phone calls and texts. After looking around for the right tool and not finding it we decided to build it.

Boardable is a software platform that transforms the board experience by connecting board members and centralizing communication. Having meetings, voting, discussions, and documents all in one place tames the chaos of managing a board via inboxes and hard drives, and speeds things up by connecting members between meetings. With everything in one place, Boardable ensures continuity when board members transition in and out of the organization.

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Boardable is not just great software—it's a new way of working.

Chelsea Marburger, Executive Director Project Purse

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One hub, exponential impact.


Boardable allows users to manage meetings and associate documents, polls, discussions, and user groups with each, making finding the materials and information for your meetings easy.


Boardable users come in three varieties, allowing varying levels of access. Users can also be associated with groups, such as committees, for purposes of scheduling and notifications.


Boardable costs much less than other out-of-the-box board portals, and is the perfect solution for small and medium-sized organizations that need simple solutions.

Easy to Use

Unlike other board management portals, Boardable has an intuitive user experience (UX), can be accessed from anywhere, and works in any browser and on any device.

You guys have really killed it on the product. We used it for the first time this week for our board meeting and it really improved the overall quality of our meeting pretty drastically.
— Myles Grote, CRO, Upper Hand
Boardable helps us stay organized during board meetings and provides the opportunity for engagement before and between meetings.
— Dan Moyers, President, zWORKS

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